We celebrate their Resilience! – Statement on WHRDs Day

As we commemorate the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day today on the 29th November 2023, let us collectively honor and uplift the tireless efforts of Queer Women Human Rights Defenders who have and contributing significantly to and not limited to the advancement of human rights, environmental sustainability, gender equality and the elimination of any form of Gender Based Violence in Uganda and globally.

On this Women Human Rights Defenders day, we proudly shine a sport on the invaluable contributions of all Queer Women Human Rights Defenders, Ecofeminists and Environmentalists in Uganda. Their unwavering commitment to justice equality and environmental sustainability inspires many.We acknowledge and celebrate the intersectionality of being both women and Queer women, recognizing the unique and multi-faced challenges they face in pursuit of Human Rights and Environmental justice.

Our celebration embraces the diverse identities within the Queer communities, appreciates the strength that comes from the different experiences and perspectives in the fight for a more inclusive and sustainable world.The dedication of Queer Women Human Rights Defenders, Ecofeminists and Environmentalists to environmental issues and other Human Rights issues causes exemplifies their commitment to a Planet where everyone regardless of identity, can thrive.

Let us actively amplify the voices of Queer Women Human Rights Defenders, Ecofeminists and Environmentalists. Share their stories, achievements and challenges to foster understanding and support. Foster awareness and understanding about the challenges faced by Queer Human Rights Defenders, Ecofeminists and Environmentalist to dismantle stereotypes.

Advocate for policies and practices that promote inclusivity within the human rights and environmental movements. Ensure that the unique concerns of Queer women Human Rights Defenders are addressed and respected. Continuously strengthening solidarity which is key in creating a world where everyone is free to be their authentic self while actively participating in the fight for human rights and preservation of our planet.

Together We Defend!