Rights 4 Her Uganda (R4H-Uganda) is a feminist Queer Women – led organization focusing on the wellness of the Planet Earth and all  inhabitants with her main focus on Sexual and Gender Minorities. 

We are dedicated to conserving nature and creating a just, diverse healthy and peaceful society for all.

The organization was founded  by 2 Queer women, got registered and started her operations in 2017 as a non-profit organization with the main aim of creating green enabling diverse and sustainable solutions for Sexual and Gender Minorities in Uganda in Uganda.

Why We Joined the Fights

We joined to influence policies, systems and practices that affect the realization of the wellness of the Planet Earth, Sexual and Gender Minority persons and all other inhabitants through utilizing and strengthening the available response mechanisms at regional, national and international levels.  

To contribute to the achievement of a just green and sustainable economy  in Uganda and globally.

To contribute to the fight against Sexual Gender Based Violence in Uganda especially towards Lesbians, Bisexual, Queer and Transgender persons.

To create safe spaces for Lesbians, Bisexual, Queer and Transgender Human Rights Defenders and survivors/victims of Sexual Gender Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

From Chapter 4, Article 20 that call for fundamental rights and freedoms of all individuals being “inherited and not granted by the state” to Article 21 that caters for Equality and Freedom from Discrimination, one would expect these protections to apply to lives of LBQT women and girls as well. Unfortunately, the above provisions have not been extended to us. Instead, the government has continuously violated these provisions unashamedly.


Gender-based violence continues to be fueled by the patriarchy that underlies our cultural, societal and religious constructs. These constructs define our gender depending on that assigned to us at birth, put women at the submissive angle in life, acknowledges and approves sex acts only between male and female binary leading to misinformation about gender diversity.


Many LBQT women are forced into marriages, raped by family partners or gang-raped claiming to rectify their sexuality. Many are denied the right to life through mob justice, denied the right to education, terminated from workplaces, unfairly treated and many different times excluded from participation in the development of their communities. 


In June 2019, Freedom and Roam (FARUG), an LBQ organization in Uganda launched a publication on the Lived Realities of Lesbians, Bisexual and Queer women in Uganda, which highlights the different social, political, economic and health experiences.

Spiritually, there has not been any favours for us because places of worship are leading in the spread of hate and discrimination. The holy books are used in favor of the perpetrators. Due to the high level of discrimination and stigma in our societies, many LBQT women have lost their lives through psychological or physical abuses.


For years, LBQT women have been economically violated through unequal opportunity, denied opportunities to work, less or no payment attached to our work. This has and still keeps many in the vicious cycle of poverty. When global development goals are set, they do not fully capture their experiences of discrimination and exclusion when it comes to unequal distribution of resources. We cannot attain the good health and wellbeing goal if all available alternatives are set in line with heteronormative solutions.


Education is vital if we are to eradicate poverty, better our lives and have a knowledgeable society. We must have a society which promotes gender equality with a fair representation of all persons, equal opportunity and distributions of roles, one which is free from any form of discrimination. Our cities and community can only be sustainable if they are safe for everyone and inclusive.

Our Vision

We envision a FREE and JUST GREEN space for all inhabitants in Uganda

Our Mission

To advocate for a GREEN and FREE Space where accessibility to justice and support is EQUITABLE, DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE for all inhabitants in Uganda.

The Team Driving Our Activities

Because R4HUganda believes in inclusion and Diversity.

Winfred Mugambwa

Executive Director

Jero K

Administration & Wellness Associate

Mac Illakut

Research Associate

Marara N

Finance Manager

Core Values Because we "CARE"

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen visibility, and inclusion of Sexual and Gender Minorities in planning and programing in Uganda.
  • To influence policy, systems and practices that affect the realization of the wellness of the Planet Earth, Sexual and Gender Minority  persons and other inhabitants by effectively engaging the government, LBQT persons and other stakeholders
  • Research, Monitor and Document lived realities of Sexual and Gender Minority persons in Uganda.
  • To create safe and healing space for LBQT HRDs and Victims/Survivors  of Sexual Gender Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence in Uganda.
  • To promote and protect  sustainable solutions for Sexual and Gender Minority persons in Uganda.
  • To promote institutional Growth in Uganda.


Sexual and Gender Minorities in Uganda