Rights 4 Her Uganda Message on the International Women’s Day 2022:

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International Women’s Day 2022 Rights 4 Her Message


Gender Equality Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow.

As we commemorate and celebrate this year’s Womxn’s Day under the theme “Gender Equality Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow”, may we keep in mind that the wrath of the Environment and  Climate Change is heavy on us all, especially us Womxn for tomorrow does not look conducive and sustainable for our environment.  Time is not at all on the inhabitants’ side as our environment keeps degrading and hurting our existence due to our very own ignorant and selfish actions that include misuse and overuse of the resources and lack of knowledge on Environment and Climate Justice.

May we acquaint ourselves with

  • What Environment and Climate Justice is
  • What Climate change is
  • Global Warming
  • What part do we play towards both the health and wealth of our environment, to mention but a few

Womxn are more prone to the harshness of disasters and poor climate change as we are more vulnerable and unfairly catered for as a diverse group by society and it’s rigid system; yet still fighting towards unfair policies and programs that must equally cater for us in this crippled patriarchal system.

We should note that the harsh climate continues to take a toll on us through our day to day life in addition to the unfair livelihood that Womxn have been burdened with compared to the male gender.

Our businesses are affected, sicknesses and illnesses are on the raise, poor housing or homelessness due to the harsh weather, delay and gaps in service provision, reduced resources that we fight over bringing about conflict, classism, violence,to mention but a few; are a few of the very many evils that we succumb to courtesy of not only the inequality but the environmental factors too that greatly break vulnerable excluded groups like Womxn.

As we continue to fight for our Gender Equality and Equity,  may we relate and acquaint ourselves with  Mother Nature as her well-being is our own, and without her existence; so is our extinction.

 All that we are working towards needs the nurturing of Environment and Climate Justice whether  physically, emotionally or socially as it greatly compliments and supplements on the social, economical and political services we are rendered.

Let us enlighten ourselves and collectively have Environment and Climate Justice in mind with each and every step we take towards fighting for Gender Equality and Equity.  May every activity we take and service we render carry the wellness of the environment we so feed from.

Environment and Climate Change is a Gender issue because of  the different structural constructs.  Womxn face more wrath courtesy of the unfavorable situations and circumstances that are mildly or not addressed  hence the agency to get hands on as we walk the path of  Breaking The Bias. May we too care for Mother Nature’s Wellness for the sake of our own.

Happy Womxn’s Day To us all




Matilda Cecilia Koburunga

Programs Director