Change, healing, growth, transitioning and transformation starts from within. We can only made a difference if we have embraced that difference within us. To change your surroundings, policies, help others grow or to inspire, you need to first work on the inner you.” Winfred Mugambwa.

Thank you so much for walking with us on this Journey. We’re growing courtesy of your guidance, mentorship and support. We are who we are because of both of us. Every day, we learn something new. Unlearn what we thought was, relearn what we already know and what is new. In the last 2 year, Rights 4 Her Uganda has been transitioning. She has transitioned from focusing on only Structurally Silenced persons in the closet to focusing on all Structurally Silenced persons in Uganda. She has walked a journey of merging from July 2020 to September 2021. All this transitioning
process has come with lessons and growth that we are thankful for.

Globally, COVID – 19 Pandemic effects and post effects have affected and are still affecting organizational operations and the livelihood most especially the marginalized groups (girls, women, indigenous people, the disabled, sexual minorities and gender minorities) however through all these trials we do continue to keep the resilience with the
help of our partners, beneficiaries and a dedicated staff/volunteers.

Rights 4 Her Uganda managed to acquire office space through donations from her well-wishers and now has a team of volunteers who help in her daily operations with the support of her Board of Directors and Advisors. Rights 4 Her Uganda from her inception, has always focused on the Wellness of Structurally Silencedpersons in Uganda (Financial, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and career growth) and we still greatly put a lot of focus on that thus, we managed to open a Wellness Home or Structurally SilencedHuman Rights Defenders and Structurally Silencedpersons facing Gender-Based Violence.

Through our different implementation processes, we realized that the Environment and Climate greatly contribute to wellness in all aspects hence the two are interdependent. Therefore, the more we endanger nature, the more we endanger our existence. And the need to add a voice on challenging power and norms. We added the Environment, Climate Justice and Governance to our thematic areas of focus.

In the last quarter of 2021, we managed to have different security trainings with Transgender persons and Structurally Silenced women, Mental Health conversations, launched the Rainbow Table series, a Camp fire aimed at healing and conversation around personal growth. Research on the effects of COVID-19 on Structurally Silenced person and the other about Climate Change and Queer lives. We successfully carried out a campaign during the 16 days of Activism to eliminate Gender Based Violence towards women.

“We are who we are because of your generosity.”

……………A Fruitful and Joyful 2022………

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